Local Court Rules



  1. (Reserved)
  2. Assignment of Cases
  3. Pleadings, Documents, Etc.
  4. Service of Process
    Form: Service Instruction
    Form: Return of Service for Receipt of Delivery
  5. Motions for Extension of Time
  6. Dismissal for Lack of Prosecution
    Form: Motion and Order to Remove from Dismissal List
  7. Withdrawal of Attorney
    Form: Motion for Leave to Withdraw
    Form: Order Permitting Withdrawal and Notice of Hearing
    Form: Withdrawal of Counsel and Entry of Appearance of Substituted Counsel
  8. Motions
  9. (Deleted)
  10. (Deleted)
  11. Standard Interrogatories
  12. (Deleted)
  13. Pretrial Conferences – Domestic and Non-Domestic Cases
  14. (Deleted)
  15. Jury Questionnaire
  16. Chapter 61 Cases
  17. (Deleted)
  18. Definition:  Domestic Relations Cases
  19. Children in Domestic Relations Actions
  20. (Deleted)
  21. Guardians Ad Litem or CASA in Domestic Relations Actions
  22. Mediation and Domestic Relations Investigations
    Form: Order For Mediation
    Form: Order To Attend Solid Ground
    Form: Order To Attend Higher Ground
    Form: Order for Conciliation
    Form: Order For Child Custody Evaluation
    Form: Order for Family Assessment
  23. Dissemination of Domestic Relations Investigation Reports
  24. (Deleted)
  25. Divorce and Paternity Cases: Temporary Restraining Orders; Ex Parte Temporary Orders of Custody and Support; Limited Ex Parte Orders in Paternity Cases; Temporary Orders upon Hearing; Immediate Exclusive Possession of the Marital Residence
    Form: Temporary Domestic Restraining Orders
    Form: Ex Parte Temporary Orders
    Form: Temporary Orders
  26. District Court Trustee; Appointment; Enforcement of Support; Income Withholding Orders; Temporary Orders; Hearing Officers; Contempt's; Appeals; Procedure
  27. Garnishments
  28. Liens upon Funds Paid Into or Out of Court
  29. Eminent Domain Actions
  30. (Deleted)
  31. Medical Malpractice Screening Panel
  32. Admission of Out-of-State Attorneys to Practice
  33. Recovery of Attorney Fees in Certain Cases
  34. Mortgage Foreclosure Cases


  1. Plaintiff’s Interrogatories to Defendant, Automobile Accident
  2. Defendant’s Interrogatories to Plaintiff, Automobile Accident
  3. Pretrial Order in Non-Domestic Cases
  4. Domestic Relations Pretrial Questionnaire (Divorce, Separate Maintenance, Annulment)
  5. Domestic Relations Pretrial Questionnaire (Paternity)
  6. Out-of-State Attorney Admission Forms

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  1. First Appearances
  2. Separate Files: Consolidation
  3. Assignment of Cases
  4. Refiled Cases
  5. Felony Arraignments
  6. Appearance After Bond Posted
  7. Required Appearances
  8. Setting Bond
    8A. Own Recognizance-Cash Deposit
  9. Bond Modification
  10. Motions
  11. Board of Paroles
  12. Municipal and Traffic Appeals: Request for Jury Trial
  13. Reassignment
  14. Multiple Cases
  15. Consolidation
  16. Panel To Aid Indigent Defendants
    16A. Electronic association of counsel on case records
  17. Panel To Aid Indigent Defendants: Appointments
  18. Dismissals
  19. Amended Complaints
  20. Unavailability of Judge
  21. Procedure for Search Warrants and Investigative Orders
  22. Declarations under penalty of perjury and electronic signatures
  23. Service of papers by electronic means

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  1. Assignment of Cases
  2. Reassignment of Cases
  3. Requirement of Separate Complaints/Petitions
  4. Appointed Counsel; List of Attorneys
  5. Continuances
  6. Hearings by Statements of Counsel
  7. Preparation of Journal Entries
  8. Review of Court Services Office Reports
  9. Endorsement of Witnesses After First Appearance
  10. Requests for Evidentiary Hearing -- Restitution
  11. Extended Jurisdiction Juvenile Proceedings
  12. (Deleted)
  13. Intermediate Intervention Program -- Juvenile Diversion
  14. Motions Requesting Waiver To Adult Status
  15. Juvenile Intake and Assessment Center
  16. Juvenile Jury Trials
  17. Declarations Under Penalty of Perjury and Electronic Signatures
  18. Service of Papers by Electronic Means

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  1. Probate Administration
  2. Guardianships and Conservatorships
  3. Adoptions
  4. Administration of Trusts
  5. Entry of Appearance
  6. Declarations Under Penalty of Perjury and Electronic Signatures
  7. Service of Papers by Electronic Means

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  1. Authorization to Write Bonds
  2. Amount of Bonds Outstanding
  3. Affidavit of Assets
  4. Monthly Affidavit of Outstanding Liabilities
  5. Responsibilities to the Court
  6. Penalties

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  1. Traffic Rules

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