Johnson County Kansas District Court
Marriage License - Who Can Perform Weddings

K.S.A. 23-2504 delineates who may officiate marriage ceremonies which includes current and retired district court judges.  The current and retired judges of the 10th Judicial District who will perform weddings are:

Michael P. Joyce913-715-3890
Thomas Foster913-715-3860
David W. Hauber913-715-3810
Kathleen L. Sloan913-715-3840
Thomas Kelly Ryan913-715-3910
Paul C. Gurney913-715-3850
Linda Trigg913-715-3327
Neil B. Foth913-715-3900
William Cleaver, Ret.913-768-6748
John P. Bennett, Ret.913-451-2657
Janette Sheldon, Ret.913-486-5694
Charles Droege913-715-3820
Thomas Sutherland913-715-3770
Michael Farley913-715-3377
Dan Vokins913-715-3348

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