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Declarations Under Penalty of Perjury and Electronic Signatures
All probate cases may be commenced by the electronic signature of an attorney, or if required by statute may be commenced with the attorney’s declaration under penalty of perjury, pursuant to KSA 53-601 and AG Opinion 2008-4, in lieu of oath or affirmation before a notary public or judge. Attorneys may submit papers and pleadings electronically through their secure JIMS logon using the signature format of “/s/ Filing Person’s Name” on the signature line above their typed name in the signature block in lieu of a cursive signature or scanned image.
Additionally, the filing attorney may submit affidavits and sworn statements of witnesses, when appropriate, using the same declaration and an electronic signature as defined in KSA 16-1602(i) or a registered certification authority provided for in KSA 16-1602(p), or by attaching the scanned wet-ink signed document in PDF format.