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Electronic association of counsel on case records

Counsel appearing on criminal cases shall be electronically associated to their respective cases in order to receive electronic notifications from the JIMS system and other notices and to have access to the case records. Appointed counsel must verify in the JIMS that they have been associated to their assigned case.

For appointed counsel, the responsibility to the court and client for the case appointment ends when the matter for which counsel was appointed has reached final disposition, unless a notice of appeal must be filed. At disposition, the court will remove the attorney’s name from electronic association on the case unless that attorney specifically requests to remain associated on the case. Notices of appeal, if required, must be filed notwithstanding the withdrawal of appointed counsel from the case.

For retained counsel who have entered an appearance on a case, compliance with Supreme Court Rule 117 must be completed before they are withdrawn from a client’s case or relieved of their responsibility to the court. Notice of withdrawal may be oral in open court at the time of the final disposition of the matter if written notice is waived by the client and opposing counsel.