Johnson County Kansas Court Services
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get to the Court Services Office?
A. From the Courthouse take a right on Santa Fe going east. Proceed 0.6 miles and the Justice Annex will be on your left across from Walgreens.

Johnson County Court Services has moved to 588 E. Santa Fe, Suite 4000, Olathe, Kansas 66061.

Q. How do I pay my court costs and /or restitution?

Q. What is the color code?
A. The color code is a tool used by Court Services to randomly test clients for drug usage. Clients will be notified by their probation officer if they are placed on the color code, along with any specific instructions that may be needed.

Q. Why is security directed to inspect my belongings, and why are there certain items I am not allowed to bring into the lobby?
A. Security inspects belongings/objects for everyone's safety. It is necessary to insure that no object(s) be brought into the lobby that could harm or create safety issues for anyone in the building. Court Services reserves the right to restrict any object(s) that may fall into that category for public safety purposes.

Q. How do I know what type of counseling I am required to attend?
A. Your probation officer will be aware of the initial counseling requirements as directed by the Court. You will be provided with a list of approved providers to use or you may view the online adult or juvenile provider lists.

Q. Where is the court house located?
A. The Johnson County courthouse is located at the corner of Santa Fe and Kansas Avenue in Olathe, see map and directions.

Q. What is DNA Sampling?
A. DNA sampling is a tool used by the State of Kansas to provide DNA blood and tissue samples to the KBI database. State statutes require that all convicted felons must submit for DNA sampling while they are on probation with Court Services. There are some misdemeanor convictions that may also fall under state statute requirements. Your probation officer will inform you of any obligations that you may have regarding DNA sampling.

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Johnson County Court Services
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