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Mediation for separated or divorced parents uses an impartial third party who assists parents in making decisions regarding their children.

  • To initiate mediation services, it requires a Court Order from a judge or hearing officer.
  • There will be a fee assessed by the judge in your case for these services.  The fee must be paid to the District Court Trustee by cash or money order only.  You may mail payment to:  District Court Trustee, 588 E. Santa Fe, Suite 3000, Olathe, KS 66061 or in person at this location.
  • Issues we discuss include: legal custody, parenting time, schedules, and successful co-parenting.
  • Issues we do not discuss include: child support, property division, and financial issues.
  • All discussion in the mediation process (except child abuse issues) are strictly confidential.
  • Mediators do not make decisions or recommendations - they facilitate communication.
  • We will have individual meetings with each parent before seeing the couple together. There are no limits on the number of joint mediation sessions.
  • Children, step-parents, and attorneys can be included in the process after the first joint mediation session and with the agreement of both parents along with the mediator.
  • If verbal agreements can be reached, a written document can be prepared which can be made into a binding Court Order.
  • If no verbal agreements can be reached, the mediator will notify the court.
  • After the current mediation process is over, the parents can return to mediation in the future without a new order if mutually agreed to by both parents.

Our office hours are from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.  For other questions or further information on Domestic Mediation, call 913-715-7590.

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