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Juvenile Probation

Prior to a juvenile being sentenced, Court Services Officers (CSOs) may be required to prepare a pre-sentence report, as ordered by the 10th Judicial District Court. These reports include the following:

  • Social History
  • Victim’s Response
  • Prior Record
  • Educational Status
  • Employment Status
  • Description of Physical/Emotional Health
  • History of Drug Use
  • CSO's Comments and Recommendations to the Court
  • Probation Plan, if appropriate

The following are special conditions of probation, commonly ordered by the Court:

  • Alcohol/Drug Evaluations and Treatment
  • Psychological Evaluations
  • Sex Offender Evaluations
  • Attendance of Specialized Groups
  • Community Service Work

CSOs in the juvenile probation unit are responsible for supervising juveniles placed on probation by the 10th Judicial District Court. Additionally, some CSOs who supervise specialized caseloads (Arson & Sex Offender cases), are also responsible for supervising some Diversion cases.

While duties may vary, it’s the CSO's primary responsibility to ensure that the juveniles under supervision are abiding by the terms and conditions of their diversion/probation, as ordered by the District Court Judge. Cases are assigned to CSOs based on what school the juvenile attends. CSOs are responsible for their assigned high school(s), and the middle schools that feed into that particular high school. Juveniles of elementary age are assigned to CSOs based on the middle school they will attend in the future.

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