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At times some youths fail to comply with conditions of their diversions or probations. It is the obligation of the supervising officer to address these non-compliances. Serious violations must be referred to the court through a motion for revocation made by the District Attorney’s office. Less serious infractions may be referred to the Review Board. The Review Board is a group of trained volunteers, typically comprised of two adults, two teens, and a law enforcement officer. 

Advantages of a Review Board Hearing:

  • The hearings are in the evenings, typically on Thursday nights.
  • The juvenile’s attorney is not required to be present.
  • Juveniles are given a second chance after violating their conditions of diversion or probation.

The following will take place at each Review Board Hearing:

  • Review Board members explain their role to the juvenile and parent.
  • The members then speak with the juvenile, alone, regarding the alleged violations.
  • The members speak to the juvenile’s parent(s) about the alleged violations and overall performance.
  • The members confer among themselves and come to a decision.
  • The decision is discussed with the juvenile and their parent(s).

Possible Recommendations / Actions:

  • The Review Board can recommend modifications to the diversion or probation, no modifications, or referral to court.
  • If the Review Board recommends that the youth's conditions be modified, the youth and parents are told of the modifications.
  • If they are in agreement with the modifications, they sign off on paperwork that is forwarded to the court. The modifications become an official amendment to the underlying diversion or probation.
  • If the youth and family are not in agreement, they have the option of not signing and having the case referred to the court.
  • Youths who fail to appear before the Review Board are referred to court for a motion to revoke their diversion or probation.
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