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Juvenile Diversion

Juvenile Diversion

  • Diversion is a program designed for first-time offenders charged with relatively minor offenses.
  • Diversion is a privilege and not a right.
  • If the youth's diversion is revoked, the youth may be found to be a juvenile offender and have a formal juvenile record.
  • If all the requirements of the diversion are completed, the case will be dismissed
  • If the youth is found to be a juvenile offender, then the court can order various alternatives such as a fine, probation, house arrest, out-of-home placement, confinement in a juvenile correctional facility and other rehabilitative services, therapies and programs that are available to the court.

Diversion Acceptability Criterion:

  1. No prior juvenile adjudications or diversions in Kansas or any other jurisdiction;
  2. Only one current juvenile offender complaint pending against the juvenile;
  3. No prior adult criminal convictions in Kansas or any other jurisdiction (does not include traffic offenses or minor municipal offenses);
  4. No current charge(s) higher than a level 7 felony (exception: sex cases) or no current charge involving the manufacture, sale or delivery of drugs;
  5. No more than five counts charged in the current complaint; and
  6. Must accept responsibility for the underling offense.

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