Civil Forms

Civil/Probate Information Sheet (Cover Sheet)  The cover sheet is available in other formats, including interactive PDF, from the Kansas Judicial Council.

Motion/Order to Remove From Dismissal List
Request and Service Instruction Form
Return of Service
Return of Service -- Pro Se
Subpoena of Business Records
Affidavit of Custodian of Business Records
Extension of Time (Chapter 60 only)
Case Management Order
Order Adopting Case Manager Recommendation

Limited Actions Forms

Chapter 61 Court Schedule
Chapter 61 Answer
Chapter 61 Journal Entry
Chapter 61 Journal Entry Instructions
Chapter 61 Journal Entry Example
Chapter 61 Writ of Restitution

Small Claims Forms

Alias request
Certificate of mailing
Defendants claim
Garnishee failure to answer
Motion AND Order for Citation
Motion for appointment of Special Process Server
Notice of Appeal
Order of dismissal
Order to pay garnishment
Order to revive judgment
Order to set aside default judgment
Order to set aside dismissal
Petition Small Claims
Release of garnishment
Request form
Satisfaction of Judgment
Small Claims info sheet
Trial Notice

Divorce, adult name change and registration of foreign judgment forms can be found on the Law Library webpage.  Many other civil forms may be found at the Kansas Judicial Council.