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Project SKIP

SKIP is a prevention/early intervention program designed to help lower-level truants. Truant students come before a panel of their peers who review truancy cases referred by the District Attorney's Office. Project SKIP concurrently offers a "hands-on" experience in the legal system to youth volunteers.

What happens at a hearing?
During a hearing, referred youth come before a panel of their peers to explain their truant behavior. Truancy review panels question truant students and attempt to identify solutions to their truant behavior. Panel members assign services to each truant student based upon specific case circumstances and severity of the truancy. Services typically imposed:

  • participation in school activities
  • essays
  • educational classes
  • tutoring
  • attendance monitoring
  • academic monitoring

What happens when the truant youth successfully completes Project SKIP?
If the truant youth completes all assigned services within the 90 day timeframe, the case will be closed successfully. The District Attorney's Office and School Administration will be informed and the truant youth will not have a Child In Need of Care petition filed.

What are the benefits of Project SKIP?
Project SKIP hears truancy cases quickly so that youth can get the help and services they need in order to be successful in school, avoid future truancy, and prevent school dropout while concurrently providing a learning experience for volunteers who serve as panel members.

If you are interested in volunteering or for more information, e-mail or call (913) 715-7490 or or call (913) 715-7467

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