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Domestic Mediation Training Practicum
The Domestic Co-Mediation program and Internship program are designed to provide professionals with clinical training experience in court ordered domestic mediation to help them meet the state requirements for initial approval to mediate court order cases.

Clinical Experience:
The program is designed to give students the opportunity to observe and perform all aspects of court ordered domestic mediation including parties' orientation to mediation, data gathering, agenda setting, mediating agreements and preparing written agreements

Domestic Court Services staff who are credentialed by the State of Kansas as court ordered domestic mediators and mediation mentors supervise the student's clinical experience.

Clinical Time:
The Co-Mediation program involves three domestic cases, with an anticipated 18 hours of minimum client contact time. In addition the student will receive a minimum of 11 hours of supervision.

The Internship program involves at least six domestic cases, with an anticipated 36 hours of minimum client contact time. In addition the intern will receive a minimum of 17 hours of supervision.

This program meets the requirements for co-mediation and/or supervision under the Kansas State Supreme Court Rule 902.

Candidates must have completed a basic 40-hour domestic court mediation program course or the equivalent, approved by the Director of the Office of Dispute Resolution for the Supreme Court of Kansas before entering into this program. The student will need to complete and pass a criminal records check before their clinical experience can be scheduled. In addition, the student may not be currently involved as a party in an open active domestic case in any jurisdiction.

The cost of the Co-Mediation program is $350.00.
The cost of the Internship program is $700.00

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